REVIEW: Love, Robot – ‘B.A.D.’

Love, Robot -

Long Island rockers Love, Robot are back with their latest release B.A.D. , a title more fitting to the image they are trying to portray than the quality of the music. Don’t get me wrong, B.A.D. is actually pretty good, and these guys have a lot of potential. However, the thirteen tracks of driving rock end up at times blending into one another, leaving the listener questioning where one song ends and the next begins. Everything Love, Robot is doing here is great, but one can tell that if they pushed themselves a little farther, stretched their cerebral creativity, and conducted some more musical experiments, this Robot could come alive in a really exciting way.

The album opens with “Resurrection,” an upbeat pop rock tune where singer Alexa San Roman declares, “I get what I want when I want, and I’m looking at you.” This no holds barred, raw honesty in her lyrics is apparent on all B.A.D. tracks, making the listener feel connected on a personal level.

“Fire Escape” is an exception to the fast paced feel of the rest of the album. This track is a breather in the middle of the album, reflecting on the beginnings of a past love. “Fire Escape” shows a more vulnerable side to San Roman, as the singer cries, “so as you spend the night with an empty bed side, you will drift off to sleep and I will wait for you to return to me,” proving that maybe she doesn’t always get what she wants, which makes her seem more like a human than a robot.

Love, Robot show their human side on “Machine” where they plead “don’t treat me like a machine, love me love me.” This just goes to show that behind the machine of the band, are four musicians vying for your love and attention.

Love, Robot have something cool going for them here with B.A.D.  They have cracked the door open, but if they were to really allow themselves full creative freedom to explore every possible musical avenue, there is no doubt they would break that door down and emerge as an unstoppable Robot that everyone would helpless fall in love with.