REVIEW: Bad Luck – ‘Cold Bones’

Bad Luck Cold Bones Artwork

When it comes to newer bands attempting to make a solid pop punk album, it’s difficult to find something fresh about the sound to make the record stand out. But Bad Luck make it work by creatively grabbing the attention of those interested with their Tragic Hero Records debut album Cold Bones in three important ways.

Number One: The use of a toddler giving the middle finger as the album cover.

Not only does the photo have the ability to make every person with a great sense of humor laugh, it also holds a genius meaning behind the artwork. Cold Bones in its entirety consists of vocalist Dominick Fox singing about previous relationships that never had a chance and, more importantly, trying to find his true self. The album artwork stands as an element of looking into the past and reflecting on it to become finally aligned with yourself with where you are as you read this. It’s about feeling self-fulfillment after previous years of failures.

Number Two: The album’s creative instinct to blend emo with pop-punk.

Fox mixes dark and heavy lines with extremely catchy choruses. In the album’s opener “Willoughby” Fox sings, “Nobody wants me back home, nobody loves me at all, I will be dying alone.” Although the concept of dying and trying to figure out the right place to call home are major themes throughout Cold Bones, there isn’t one track with a chorus that won’t leave you singing for the rest of the day. The blend of pop punk brings a nostalgic feeling every early 20-something can relate to such as Fox singing about the home he grew up in is what he misses the most or the picture she took down in her mom’s living room he sings in “Lantern Park.”

Number Three: The album’s intense ability to make a person feel.

All 10 tracks have the capability of leaving you to feel some sort of emotion. From a heavy distorted guitar chord to the way Fox sings or yells a certain lyric, Cold Bones has a lasting impression. If you can actually feel an emotion from music, that certain musician or band is an artist. Bad Luck certainly brings that with this album with the “la dadas” in “Lantern Park” to the group shouting in “Willoughby.”

Whether you’ve never heard of Bad Luck or are huge fan, pay attention to what the band does next. This next year is going to be big for the band I’m sure, so do yourself a favor and give Cold Bones a listen.