REVIEW: Allison Weiss – ‘Remember When’ EP

Allison Weiss Remember When EP

The indie-rock/power-pop solo artist Allison Weiss, of No Sleep Records, is set to release a new EP titled Remember When on July 22, 2014. The EP consists of five tracks total, four written by Weiss along with one cover track.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Remember When,” which is a solid and strong opening track. It is a classic Allison Weiss song. She reflects on a past relationship and evaluates where she is now in life. It is an upbeat tune that will make you want to get up, dance and sing along with. The guitars, drums and cymbals all equally work together for a more poppy tune and jump around with Weiss’ voice. When listening to this song, it is impossible to resist from tapping a foot along to the beat.

Weiss channels a calmer tone in “The Fall.” It is a smooth and airy track about an early love as she sings, “when you’re young it’s so easy, ’til reality calls.” The drums and cymbals carry this track through leaving a listeners ear with a beat that they can’t ignore. It is quite a catchy song.

Things are slowed down with an emotional cover of the Swedish pop artist Robyn‘s “Call Your Girlfriend.” Weiss takes a different turn from the original song, but it fits perfectly with the rest of tracks that are put together. The listener can hear the pain in her voice as she fades in and out with the lyrics about the ending of a relationship.

The EP ends with a track titled, “Take You Back.” This song has a completely different feel from the songs that have led up to it. The songs leading up to it are about relationships ending and the process of moving on, while on this track she sings, “I will probably take you back.”

Remember When is a strong release for Weiss, and probably one of her best yet. The EP is easy to listen to from beginning to end, and I’m sure you won’t have a problem with putting the album on repeat. It is a perfect album to listen to while hanging out with friends, or on long summer drives. The album is set to release on July 22nd, and she will be out on the Vans Warped Tour starting July 20 at the Acoustic Basement Tent until August 3.