New Artist Q&A: In Memory Of…

2014 will be remembered by music lovers everywhere as the year that In Memory Of… took the music scene by storm. From soft and melodic songs to heavier songs, the guys of In Memory Of… have something for every music fan, and you can expect to hear more from them as they’re releasing a new album later this summer. Playing the Houston date of this year’s Vans Warped Tour and working with Music Producer/Engineer Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance, etc.) is just a glimpse of what’s to come for the five talented guys of In Memory Of…

SM: For people who have never heard your band, how would you guys describe your music?

IMO: We have both ends of the spectrum. We have ambient, melodic, and pretty stuff, but we do tend to lean on the heavier side sometimes. We also have a few songs that could be considered pop punk. It’s like if Paramore and A Day To Remember had a baby.

SM: What made you choose to go in that direction musically?

IMO: It’s the music we grew up listening to, and we wanted to follow in their footsteps while still putting a fresh spin on the genre.

SM: You guys just played the Houston date of Warped Tour, describe that experience.

IMO: Hot. Ridiculously hot. Tanner almost died. On a serious note though, it was a dream come true to play the same festival as a lot of bands who influence us. It was even more surreal because we got to play with our good friends A Midnight In Chicago and Forever the Fierce. It also made our band feel more real, like we were actually doing something instead of just being another garage band.

SM: As a band, you’re releasing a new album this summer, what’s the theme of this record and what can we expect it to sound like?

IMO: Every album we’ve ever done has basically been a collection of stories that have shaped us and events that have occurred in ours or other people’s lives that we’re close to. It’s an album about heartbreak, abuse, loss and more, but ultimately getting past it with the right support system.

SM: What (or who) was the inspiration for this new album?

IMO: We’re trying to tell stories through music and hopefully have people relate to them. We write music to help us talk about and get over events we wouldn’t be able to deal with otherwise. We write about life, death, broken relationships, and other things all of us go through at one point or another. Music is basically our therapy, and we want people to see that and relate to that because were not different from them. We’ve all fallen and been in bad places, and that’s what we write about – the unfortunate events in life that everyone has to live through. We’re trying to tell a story and we just want people to listen.