LIVE REVIEW: Born Of Osiris – Warped Tour – Pomona, CA – 6/20/14

Playing all Summer on Warped Tour

Ronnie Canizaro: Photo by Jordon Loope
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For most of the summer, Born of Osiris plays the Monster stage; however, on Friday June 20 in Pomona, they opened the main stage. That morning, the main stage already had a big crowd anticipating a full day of great performances. With the morning dew still fresh on the grass and the sun low in the Southern California sky, Born of Osiris came barreling out, full force. The pit immediately opened up, kids kicking up the dry California dirt into a low cloud of dust. Playing a colorful selection from their discography, including a number of songs from their most recent release, Tomorrow We Die Alive. Born of Osiris set a high bar for the rest of the main stagers that day, proving that playing early does not prevent a band from putting on a wonderful show.

Lee McKinney - Photo by Jordon Loope
Lee McKinney – Photo by Jordon Loope

Guitarist, Lee Mckinney shredded with unbelievable ease, proving, effortlessly so, his impressive skill level. Seeing such eloquent play during a live set brings a beauty to a rock show that goes missing too terribly often nowadays, in particular at Warped Tour. Something Born of Osiris does really well is isolating certain instruments; therefore, having a less cluttered sound. The breakdowns lost no muster nor the moshing any intensity during Mckinney’s melodic solos, all lined with measured doses of double bass, sweeping keys, and hefty screams.

Photo by Jordon Loope

Photo by Jordon Loope

Keyboardist, Joe Buras also put on quite the show, jumping on amps, playing some nasty synth, and providing backup vocals. He frequently left his spot behind the keys, like in the photo below, to sing a few lines alongside bassist David Da Rochato. He also  interacted with the crowd with vocalist Ronnie Canizaro, who had the whole crowd – middle fingers up – jumping at his every whim. This early performance launched the main stage into a blistering energy that continued until after sunset.

Born of Osiris: Photo by Jordon Loope
Born of Osiris: Photo by Jordon Loope