INTERVIEW: Starset – The Movement

Catchy choruses and amazing vocals are just a small part of what Starset is about. With singer Dustin Bates’ background in engineering and musical experience, the Starset Society has teamed up with the guys in Starset to inform the public about “the movement.” Dealing with manipulated technology, the details and goals of “the movement” have not been released, but slowly will be through music. Substream caught up with Dustin Bates to get all of the details we could on this unusual but interesting “movement.”

Substream Magazine: How were you introduced to the Starset Society?

Dustin Bates: I had been doing research for the Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio and that is when I first came into contact with Dr. Wise. I didn’t think too much of it, but in 2013 he came to me with this project that he thought I was perfect for. At first I was a bit hesitant, but then I looked into it more and I realized that I was perfect for it because of my music and science background.

SM: It’s not unusual for artists to have side projects, but this is an uncommon one. What was your thought process going into this?

DB: When I looked into the movement I became incredibly excited. After I lost my first deal I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with music, but I became incredibly excited with the prospect of this music because of the science part of it as well as the music aspect. Writing this record was great for me.

SM: Being that you’ve only released a handful of songs, some people look at your band and think it’s all about marketing. Is there anything that you guys are doing to make people see that these are real concepts and ideas that you’re promoting?

DB: Absolutely. I can see why people would think that, because we’re very vague on the whole situation right now, but we will be more clear in the future. There’s a lengthy report coming out that really explains the entire thing as well as numerous public outreach campaigns.

SM: Bands generally have a certain goal or goals in mind when writing records and preforming. Would you say that yours are more similar or different than those of the Starset Society?

DB: I would say that mine are very similar to that of the Starset Society’s. The other guys all have their own goals and dreams involving music, but they’re all very aware and into the ideas of the Starset Society as well.

SM: What is the main idea or goal of the Starset Society?

DB: We aren’t releasing all of the details yet, but we will be shortly. To touch on it, I would say that it focuses on the potential pitfalls of manipulated technology.