INTERVIEW: Flyleaf Talks about Their New Album at their Music Video Shoot


Substream got a behind the scenes look at the newest music video from Flyleaf. Yes, you heard correctly: Flyleaf. Showing of some incredible pipes from new sprightly front woman Kristen May, Flyleaf has already set their comeback in motion. The music video for their newest single “Set You on Fire” will be the first glimpse audiences see from the new record, Between the Stars. True Flyleaf fans have given the band positive feedback after seeing Kristen May perform live with the group, and being the only new member in the band’s history together, she definitely holds her own. She looked absolutely stunning at the video shoot, and the voice that comes out of that little body could shake a house down to its foundations.

Behind the scenes

As promised by guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya, Between the Stars  “is probably one the best records [they’ve] ever written.” With such bold statements, one can only hope that the music defends it. A band who has a notable vocalist always jumps directly in the line of fire when they, for whatever reason and whether that reason is amicable or not, decide to replace their singer. Fans always choose sides. Some fans claim that they will never listen to anything put out with a new lead while others stand unconditionally by the band no matter what. Bands like iwrestledabearonce, Chiodos, and Flyleaf have all faced such scrutiny. With polar opposite reactions like these, pulling such a move can be a make or break decision. Fortunately, Flyleaf hears a lot of positivity with Kristen at the helm. When asked about how fans have reacted to the new singer, Jared Hartmann, the youngest member of the band, explains, “A lot of fans we see over and over again, the ones we talk to, we ask what they think. They say it’s great.  All them have been on board and they love it.” Sameer and Jared took a moment during their music video shoot to talk about their unlikely beginnings, their new label, and of course, their new leading lady.

Press Photo

Substream Magazine: So you guys have been in the band since the beginning?

Sameer Bhattacharya: Yes! Since day one. Our first practice ever… I wasn’t going to be in the band originally, but one day Jared says, ‘Hey man, I gotta go to this practice with these dudes, could you give me a ride?’ So I bring Jared to this practice two hours late. That was 2002, so 12 years ago. I was 17, he was 16.

SM: So you just decided to audition too?

SB: Well, I had this ’85 Buick Lesaber and I always had my gear in my trunk. I could fit like, all of a band’s gear in the back of this trunk, and I loaded Jared’s stuff next to mine and so while I was unloading it he said I should just grab my stuff and come play too.

SM: Having a new leading lady, have you gotten mixed reviews from die hard Flyleaf fans?

SB: You know what, the fans who’ve come see us live the past couple tours… they’re all really excited.

SM: That’s wonderful to hear. How was your first time writing and recording with Kristen?

SB: It’s amazing. Just sitting there while Don was recording vocals, seriously while she was tracking it sounded like tuned vocals. While she was tracking! It’s so good, nothing had to be tuned because she literally could hit every note.

SM: So what can we expect from the new album, sound-wise?

SB: The album is alternative with hints of metal here and there. It transcends genres.

SM: Does your music still touch on Christian themes?

SB: That’s kind of unavoidable. Our faith plays a huge role in our lives and with something as intimate as music, that’s gonna play a huge part in our perspective and our approach to the lyrics.

SM: What is your favorite song on Between the Stars?

SB: My favorite one is “To Be Kids,” but I’m kind of biased. I poured a lot of myself into those lyrics. It’s powerful to me.

SM: This is your first release from Loud & Proud Records. How do you like the new label?

SB: We never really had a bad label experience, you know? Octone is amazing and the guys there really treated us well. But we even have more freedom with Loud & Proud Records. Tom, the president of the label, said he’d be as involved or as un-involved as we want him to be. He said if we wanted to just record the record and give it to him, that would be okay. But if we wanted him to listen first and give his opinion, that would be okay too. It’s that cool. He just signs bands that he trusts.

Jared Hartmann: He’s really involved. He’s been at the recordings, he’s here today, he came to the photo shoot. It’s really cool. He really believes in the music.

S: He’s a big fan, it’s awesome (laughs).


Flyleaf’s new album, Between the Stars  comes out September 16, 2014. Look out for the music video for their newest single, “Set Me On Fire.”