For All Those Sleeping Talks about Warped Tour and ‘Incomplete Me’

For All Those Sleeping

Sharing the monster stage with fellow Fearless Records label mates in The Word Alive, Minnesotans in For All Those Sleeping tackle their first ever run on Vans Warped Tour. For them, a summer on Warped means they will not only show off their new tunes, but they will gain the much deserved exposure they have always worked so hard for. With their new album Incomplete Me (2014) stirring up some online buzz, the party animals of For All Those Sleeping take the stage with a fresh look, a refined sound, and as always, insane stage presence.

The newest album from For All Those Sleeping has gotten some mixed feedback, mostly positive, but of course there will be a few YouTube trolls who have to complain about something. Many people have expressed only love for the band’s more mature sound. Clean vocalist London in particular has showcased the most change, for he noticeably sings in a lower pitch, suiting him very handsomely. Front man Mike Champa has lost none of his insanity on stage, his eyes wild with madness as he delivers his lines. He always gives a good show and the summer heat of Warped Tour has in no way deterred that.

With their brand new album finally out, David Volgman-Stevens took a moment during his birthday to talk to Substream about his favorite tracks from the record and discusses some of the meanings behind them.

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Substream Magazine: I’m sure you’ve been asked this every day, but I know you guys have always wanted to do Warped Tour. How is your first time treating you?

David VolgmanStevens: It has been my favorite tour we’ve ever done. It’s been a blast. The comradery has been amazing. The crowds are awesome. It’s fun! I’m getting a tan (laughs) which is also cool.

SM: You’re closing your Warped set with the new song, “Incomplete Me.” How has the crowd been reacting to that?

DV: The new song has been amazing to end the set with. The kids seem to love it. We’re really proud of it and the music video for it. It’s been rad.

SM: Besides the reactions here at Warped Tour, what kind of feedback have you been getting on the new album so far?

DV: Reading the feedback has been really awesome. Our new music’s a little different. We’ve gotten a lot of mixed reactions, which I think is perfect. I love hearing when people don’t like things. That’s when you know you’re doing something right. The best music… you don’t write for anyone but yourself. You write what you feel. Fearless is our label, we love them to death and they’re one of the best labels out there, and them and our management all had their ideas for what we should do, but we just kind of did our own thing. It’s kind of different than what everyone wanted. You have to progress as you grow older. You know, I turned 25 today, and the me today is different from the me from two years ago. That’s how it should be.

SM: What is your favorite song on Incomplete Me?

DV:  There are so many different ways to answer this… This is the most depressing record so far for us. The last record was angry, I wrote a lot of stuff and blamed a lot of people, and this one is more reflective. “Demons” is probably the most honest thing I’ve ever written. I honestly almost didn’t want to release it, because I was nervous to let people know how I feel about myself. I remember I showed my mom the record, I showed her the lyrics too because she can’t understand the screaming. I player her this song and showed her the lyrics and she started crying. “It’s Not Love if it Doesn’t Hurt” is one of my favorites too. Musically, I really love that one.

SM: What’s one of your favorite new songs to play live?

DV: “Poison Party” is one of the songs on this record that I love because it’s more of a fun one and it’s awesome to play live – the kids love it. It’s about everyone reading this and the kids in this scene. It’s also making fun of ourselves. I love our fans but I’m not afraid to say that a lot of people are idiots. Fame is stupid. We should never be role models. Fame is the dumbest thing and people idolize the dumbest people.


Fearless Records just released this new music video for “Poison Party (Famous)” that features just that: a night out on the town with For All Those Sleeping. Make sure to catch the band all summer on Warped Tour.