EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Handguns – ‘Life Lessons’

'Life Lessons' is available July 8 on iTunes via Pure Noise Records.

Handguns Life Lessons Artwork

In our interview with Handguns last May, guitarist Brandon Pagano explained the direction of their forthcoming Pure Noise release, Life Lessons. “Musically, we went in and wrote a faster, more aggressive record. I don’t think we meant to, but with what was going on at the time, we felt like that’s what we needed to do.”

That’s precisely what they did. Recording with Paul Leavitt and All Time Low singer Alex Gaskarth, Handguns have produced the most cohesive record of their career. “Personally, I love every song on the record. I know it’s cliché to say that, but each track has its own sound to it and adds to the record as a whole, and I’m super proud of all of them,” said vocalist Taylor Eby.

Stream Life Lessons in full below before the drop date of July 8. Catch our interview with the band and our review of the record as well. Pre-order the album on iTunes.