Dream Riders, What Your Favorite Band Wants On Tour

Our friends at Under The Gun Review recently put together a fantastic list I felt we just needed to share. Their piece, titled Dream Riders: The Tour Desires Of Your Favorite Artists, was published last week and features quotes from bands like Every Time I Die, Cartel, Andrew WK, PUP, The Chainsmokers, WHY?, The RX Bandits, Said The Whale, Citizen, Dikembe, Stages & Stereos, and so many more.

They asked these musicians what they currently ask for on tour and what they would ask for if they had more pull.

You can read a few select quotes below and catch the full article here.

On our European tour I just remember every single promoter providing us with ham and cheese sandwiches. We were also all very poor at the time so we would just stock up on leftovers. I’ve never eaten so many goddamn ham and cheese sandwiches in my life. Also I’m not really sure why all bottled water in Europe is carbonated. What the hell is up with that?”A Lot Like Birds

Our dream rider? 1 Football helmet full of cottage cheese. 3 family size boxes of Cap’n Crunch, arranged by expiration date. 6 pre-filled bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch next to a milk pouring machine that has a minimum for 4 gallons of milk. 1 80-inch TV connected to a Sega Genesis with a minimum of 10 games. 1 golf simulator with 2 sets of Taylor clubs. An Exotic car rented for the day. A TV to every college football game that is broadcasted with a minimum of 7. Various military guns to be cleaned and rebuilt (guns to be kept). 1 life-size cardboard cutout of Tiger Woods motioning a high-five. Tiger Woods must be in a red shirt. A green jacket is an okay substitute.”Cartel

My dream rider would have a hot tub full of hot sauce, three aloe vera plants, a trash bag full of Hot Pockets, and a box full of sharp objects.” – Daniel Lancaster, Stages & Stereos

It all depends, but always lots of candy, especially gummy bears, gummy worms, soft gummy peaches, Starburst, Skittles, Mamba – just all the fruit flavored party candy we can get! Oh, and lots of water. That’s the one thing on Earth you’ll die without.”Andrew WK

Read more at Under The Gun Review.