Dear Danny: Daniel Rinaldi Answers Your Questions Part 3

Daniel Rinaldi Promo Photo

After some busy times I am back to answer some more questions. Here are a bunch I really liked, and enjoyed answering. Please keep the questions coming and ask what ever you would like to know!


Q: If you could go back and redo Life on Life’s Terms would you ? If so what would you have done differently?

A: There isn’t much I would change about that album to be honest. I mean maybe some lyrical changes in a few songs, but for the time that album was what it was supposed to be. Maybe if I really needed to change it, I would have taken off the song “Without You.” That song was a childish attempt to slam the lead singer before me. I think it really clogged up the later half of the album.

Q: Daniel, I booked quite a few of your shows at 2858 and other halls in Jersey, can you tell me your favorite venue in Jersey to play? I have a gut feeling you’re going to say Hamilton Street.

A: Hamilton Street is for sure a high pick for me on my favorite venues I played in Jersey. There was just something about being that close to the crowd and feeling the energy off of them. Another favorite of mine and where we always had solid shows was The School of Rock and Maxwells. Those two venues are where we played some bigger scale shows and the crowds always came out to rock when we played there.

Q: You joined your band at a very young age, was it hard to pick up and go not knowing where it would would take you?

A: The hard part wasn’t the pick up and go for me because I wasn’t excelling at school <you should stay in school> it was once we got deep into touring where it became hard for me. I was 18 when we first left for tour and the guys in the band were all a lot older than me. At times it was hard for me to relate to things they did or how they reacted to certain situations. I knew my path was to be in this band, and really get out there in front of people. After a few tours the hardness of it went away, and I am sure like most became a machine on the road you get to place, play, pack up, and go to the next state.

Q: Do you think the songwriting organizations and cultures of the 1960s like Motown / Brill Building will ever find a way back to prominence?  There seem to be so many famous songs from that era, which might be partially due to the way songs were created.  Outside of the fragmentation of the music business, why do you think there are less famous songs now than from years gone by?

A: I think it is quite possible that organizations like Motown, etc. will one day find their way back into the world. I think the closest to that we have right now is what is going in Nashville. Where you have such a community of writers constantly pushing creativity and coming together to do similar work just like the organizations of old. I think there are less famous songs now because we are in a one and done society, and as quickly as artists and bands come, they also unfortunately go. With that, if you aren’t a legacy artist or an artist that made this deep cultural impact, your songs go with you. Everyone today has a WHAT’S NEXT attitude, and thats great ’cause I think it should be a driving force for musicians, but it also hurts some artists who can’t make a second album. Songs back in the day were songs for the time you had music bringing cultures together, you had it uniting people who once hated each other, and it just made a bigger impact at the time.

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