VIDEO PREMIERE: Close Up On The Quiet Ones – “Answering Machine”

Close Up On The Quiet Ones Promo 2014

Since its foundation in 1771, Greenville, NC has exported several notable things. It was primarily a market town, specializing in the export of tobacco and cotton. Later, the city would boast citizens that went on to do great things. Several professional football players, BMX riders, musicians, and businessmen have called Greenville home. Close Up On The Quiet Ones count themselves among those proud natives, and while not quiet as notable as Ryan Nyquist or Wilber Hardee, they’re working on it.

Today we give you the music video premiere of “Answering Machine,” the latest single from the Losing Game EP. It’s a passionate tune that may well resonate with anyone who likes emo groups like Taking Back Sunday, Pierce The Veil, and The Spill Canvas.

“Answering Machine is my favorite song on the EP, and probably one of my favorite songs that we’ve put out,” says Alex Cortright. “We really wanted to shoot a video for it because we didn’t want the song to get overlooked as the ‘slow song’ on the EP. It’s one we’re really proud of and hopefully listeners can really connect with it.”

Purchase the Losing Game EP on iTunes. Additional free downloads of the band’s music are available at Autumn + Color’s website.