TOUR DIARY: Fourth & Coast (Week 2)

On tour now with Jennel Garcia

Fourth And Coast - Blue Promo

Hey everyone, Stephen from Fourth & Coast here! James and I are taking turns each week of the Jennel Garcia tour to tune you all in to what we’ve been up to while on the road.

This is our second tour diary. Read the first here.

We’re currently on tour with Jennel Garcia from the X Factor, Stay Seventeen and Crash the Party. We’ve had quite the interesting experience so far. Our story continues on June 9. Without further adieu…

6/9 – Off Day

After our show in Toronto, we had a couple of off days that we decided to spend in Montreal. We usually spend off days just hanging or watching movies, but this time we decided to become the cheesiest tourists ever. We were lucky enough that our live bassist, Scott Szikla, has family who lives just outside of Montreal, whom we were able to stay with for the day. They have an amazing home that just screams summer vacation cabin and it was an incredible way to take a break from the van. I spent the morning hopping into a lake in St. Lazare with our tour manager/drummer Jacob Gutman, and then we spent the rest of the day in Old Montreal. We had poutine and beaver tail – Canadian delicacies – and filled up our phones with pictures. We were so grateful to have someone who actually lives near the city show us around and give us random history facts. After exploring for a bit and playing a private acoustic show in downtown Montreal, we headed back to the states.

6/ 11 – Hamden, CT

Finally, we were able to start the tour with the whole tour package! Everyone (Jennel Garcia, Stay Seventeen, Crash the Party, and us) were finally playing our first show of the tour together at the Space in Hamden, CT. Sometimes at the beginning of a tour there is an awkward period between the bands but this was definitely not the case. Everyone in the other bands are super down to earth and easy going so it was a breeze getting along.

6/13 – Pittsburgh, PA

During the second show, everyone was starting to feel a lot more comfortable with their set and it definitely showed. I finally had the time to catch everybody’s set fully and they all killed it. After the show all of the bands and crews went out for some tour bonding. Fridaynight in downtown Pittsburgh is amazing. Maybe it was the people we were with or the show but honestly I think it was everything. The whole night was hilarious. Apparently their is a tour game some bands play – F&C had never heard of it before – where if you leave your sandwich without putting an inanimate object on top of it, anyone is allowed to basically ‘hulk smash’ it. You can only imagine what happened later that night. No sandwich was safe.

6/14-6/15 – Nutley, NJ and Amityville, NY

The next two shows went really well as usual. We’ve all collectively started a trend of going absolutely crazy during Jennel’s set. It’s pretty much our workout of the day. During our set, we have a segment where we unplug everything and play a couple of acoustic songs while sitting where the crowd is sitting and its my favorite part of the set. No microphones, no cables, just James playing guitar, me singing and playing guitar, and our live drummer, Jacob, playing a Cajon. It’s a surreal experience to be able to hear everyone sing together and really enjoy being so intimate during that part. I think what makes it great is that we started acoustic and write all of our songs with an acoustic guitar, so people are really able to see that we honestly just love playing music. After the Amityville show, we crashed at Ian’s place from Crash the Party and watched Game of Thrones until we fell asleep. It was a perfect way to end a successful week of tour.

Come back next week for installment 3 of the Fourth & Coast tour diary. Find the band on tour with Jennel Garcia at the dates below.

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