TOUR DIARY: Fourth & Coast (Week 1)

On tour now with Jennel Garcia

Fourth And Coast - Blue Promo

My name is James and I play guitar in a Pop Duo called Fourth & Coast. The other member in our act is Stephen Ordonez, who sings and plays guitar as well.

This is our first tour diary.

We’re currently on tour with Jennel Garcia from the X Factor, Stay Seventeen and Crash the Party. We’ve had quite the interesting experience so far. Our story begins on June 3rd.

Day 1:

We left our homes in San Diego, CA on the night of June 3rd to make our way to the first stop of the tour in Barrington, IL. After driving for about 6 hours we decided to stop for the night in Las Vegas, NV. We got in at about 1am and stayed at the hotel Circus Circus. It was an older hotel but was still pretty rad to stay in.

The next morning we left at about noon to make it to a private acoustic house party we booked in Salt Lake City, UT. The party was rad and we had a great time at a bonfire playing songs and eating basically everything in sight. We stayed in SLC that night and took off the next morning to head on a 20 hour drive to Watertown, WI for our next private party.

As you can probably assume, that drive wasn’t the most exciting. Our highlight was sleeping in the van at a rest stop somewhere in Nebraska. Stephen and I woke up and went on a run along side a river, which was great other than the mosquitos. Anyway, we eventually made it to our next private party and then headed on our way to Chicago, IL for the first show of the tour.

As we were almost in Chicago, we got a phone call letting us know that both Jennel Garcia and Stay Seventeen, who are sharing a van, had car troubles and wouldn’t be able to make the show. As much as we tried to push it, with half of the tour package no longer able to make the show, the promoter was forced to cancel the show.

This was definitely frustrating for us just because we had driven over 30 hours to make the show and had fans in IL that had been excited to see us. But we didn’t really want to just call it quits. We got in touch with the other band on the tour (Crash The Party) and pushed an idea to them about playing an acoustic show for free the same night at a local Dennys. We wanted the show to be free because it was already a tough situation with the last minute cancellation and we just wanted to make things easier on everyone.

Despite the spur the moment decision, the show went great. Of course Denny’s could only accommodate 20-30 people so we created a Facebook event with the first 30 to RSVP making the show. But it was a huge success. I had a lot of fun and it was definitely a different experience to get to sit down with everyone and eat and then play an acoustic show for them.

Now, given the fact that Jennel Garcia and Stay Seventeen currently did not have a vehicle to drive, and Crash The Party was not listed to play our following show, we had another complicated situation. We were scheduled to play in Toronto the following day, however a tour package of 4 was now down to 1, plus locals. Somehow, the promoter let us keep the show, and it was amazing.

The support in Toronto was unreal, we didn’t know what to expect, with us only having played one other time in Canada ever. But the fans were extremely supportive and they made it a night we’ll never forget. It was actually our first Headliner ever, and we got to play it in a different country.

So that’s where we’re at right now basically. In Canada and just happy to have gotten through these road bumps. The tour continues in a few days in CT, and all the bands should be back on the package. We’re really excited to play some new and old songs and to get to meet so many people.

– James

Come back next week for installment 2 of the Fourth & Coast tour diary. Find the band on tour with Jennel Garcia at the dates below.

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