STREAM: The Mercy Beat – ‘The Mercy Beat’ EP

The Mercy Beat is available June 17 on French indie OSKAR Recordings.

The Mercy Beat EP Artwork

At the tail-end of April, The Bravery vocalist Sam Endicott announced via the band’s website that The Bravery was no more. It didn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the inactivity as a band, but it was a gut-punch all the same.

He did, however, leave the fans with something to hold onto. A new project, The Mercy Beat.

The band formed after bass player, Ian, moved to Hawaii where he met guitarist, Matty. They both moved to downtown LA where they met Sam, former singer of The Bravery. They found a common love for ’60s R&B. They blended this with their concept of ’60s dance music and took their name from icon Merseybeat bands.

The debut EP from The Mercy Beat will be released tomorrow, June 17, on French indie OSKAR Recordings. We have the stream a day ahead of time. Listen below.

The Mercy Beat Promo 2014
Photo: Jordan Sullivan