REVIEW: Visitors – ‘Blueshift’ EP

You could most simply categorize the Salt Lake City, Utah natives, Visitors, under alternative, experimental rock, however that title wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the otherworldly, collectively transcendental sound that is intricately constructed with the band’s first studio EP release, Blueshift.  Throughout the earnest delivery of the five progressive tracks, vocalist Ian Cooperstein soars between soft, whispering moments to the most wicked, banshee-like screeches, guiding all other instrumentals clashing, yet strategically, across the EP’s emotional journey.

Opening track “With a Y,” sets the theme of Blueshift within the first several seconds, warming listeners up with galactic ambiance as Cooperstein cries “I’ll have you know that you ruined me, cause I could have it all and still not be even partially complete,”  while the little discordant elements that the band uses to harness the overall somber, space wanderer vibe of the album are the most intriguing, such as the string sound reflecting that of a whale call which opens single “Ages.”  The scattering drums and spiking guitars swirl around in stellar dissonance, each traveling their own path like meteors gravitating around the lashing vocal performance that reigns all the pieces together.

“Past Passages Passed” carries a torch of emotion as Cooperstein suggests deep, conflicted pain with lyrics such as “my heart is in the right place, but sometimes my head cannot escape this place.”  While “Camera Obscura” introduces the bands ability to create eerie, haunting melodies against Cooperstein’s equally unsettling high notes, “Springtides” features the most aggression and frantic energy yet.

The most impressive aspects of the Blueshift EP remain Cooperstein’s unique yet powerful vocal range, the poetic lyricism and the band’s ability to effectively convey that poetry with their instruments, offering an enthralling, atmospheric adventure from one track to the next.

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