REVIEW: Vacationer – ‘Relief’

Are you still looking for the perfect album to serenade you through the breezy, easy days of summer? Your search starts and ends with Vacationer’s latest release Relief. The R&B tinged pop sophomore effort by the group is an diverse mix of tunes, making one of the most refreshing and unique album releases in a while.

Hearing vocalist Kenny Vasoli (formerly of The Starting Line) telling listeners that “there’s a paradise waiting for us in summertime,” on the catchy tune “Paradise Waiting,” leaves little doubt that the release date perfectly lining up with the start of summer was no coincidence. “Parallels” starts out with a jazzy introduction, featuring horns and flutes, making one feel as if they are back in the 1940s listening to a Count Basie record. However, “Onward & Upward” and “Heavenly” almost sound like they could be the poppy B-sides to a Fleet Foxes album. So when you are picking tunes for your summer party playlists, you are definitely going to want to include Vacationer.

Relief drops June 24th on Downtown Records. Pre-order it here and find Vacationer on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.