REVIEW: Trade Wind – ‘Suffer Just to Believe EP’

Stick to Your Guns frontman and Stray From the Path guitarist debut side project EP.

It’s pretty cool when your favorite artists collaborate, but it’s even more awesome when they join forces and start a new band together. Trade Wind, a new project formed by Stick to Your Guns frontman, Jesse Barnett, and Stray from the Path guitarist, Tom Williams, have done just that, bringing to life a progressive yet mellow sound that is a breath of fresh air for those of us with a music library full of hard-hitting breakdowns and fervent “blechs!” The Suffer Just to Believe EP, set to release June 3 through Other People Records, offers five alternative, intricate tracks, with influences remaining true to the artists’ hardcore roots.

Unlike anything you would expect to hear on a Stray from the Path or Stick to Your Guns album but with just as much heart, Suffer Just to Believe boasts Barnett and Williams’ versatile artistic and musical genius in a new light.

Barnett’s vocal range never ceases to amaze from one track to the next, as he entrances and evokes emotion when paired with Williams’ dark, moody riffs, particularly on the single “Fixed Blade,” which features somber keys and a nostalgic ambiance, as Barnett declares “I’m tired of doing the right things the wrong way, I’m going home and I’m taking the long way.”  Drummer for Stray from the Path, Dan Bourke, lays down some impressive drum tracking on this single as well, driving the sporadic yet low-key energy.

Tracks “Pulling Strings” and “White Pipes” have the perfect balance of aggression and swirling down tempo melodies, hinting towards a Deftones vibe. “Pain is a Gift,” showcases Barnett’s gentle harmonies against subtle acoustics, while closing track “Dead Leaves,” is both haunting and soul-stirring, driven by brooding guitars as Barnett repeatedly cries “just let me go, just let me go.”

An engaging, atmospheric escape that listeners can truly immerse themselves in, Trade Wind delivers an immensely satisfying, refreshing sound the heavy music scene has needed with their debut release Suffer Just to Believe.

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