REVIEW: The Mercy Beat – ‘The Mercy Beat’ EP

The Mercy Beat EP Artwork

Los Angeles based band, The Mercy Beatreleased their debut self-titled EP on June 17. The EP was released via OSKAR Recordings. The EP consists of three tracks titled, “An Act of Mercy,” “Sweet,” and “Fool for a Fool.” The EP has a sound of early rock and roll mixed with pop music. Any indie-rock loving fan is sure to soak up and absorb this album.

Listener’s may recognize a familiar voice from this EP. The vocals are performed by Sam Endicott, previously the singer of indie-rock band The Bravery. The Mercy Beat consists of Ian (bass), from Hong Kong; Matty (guitarist), from Hawaii; and Sam (singer) from New York. Ian and Matty moved to Los Angeles, which is where they met up with Sam and created The Mercy Beat.

The Mercy Beat Promo 2014
Photo: Jordan Sullivan

The opening track, titled “An Act of Mercy,” is a great way to introduce listeners to the style of music they will be hearing throughout the EP. A light and airy voice flowing over a consistent bass, guitar, and piano line. From all of the songs on the EP, this will be a favorite among listeners. While listening, you can’t help but sway to beat or tap your feet. It makes you want to get up and dance around the room. It is a light and fun song that will catch any listener’s ear.

The following track titled, “Sweet,” has a similar feel to the first track, but it manages to slow things down a bit. The style of this song is similar to a pop song from a rock band from the 70’s or 80’s. If you check out the video below, you will see just what I mean. “Sweet” will leave listeners feeling good, and almost closing their eyes to focus on what the singer is saying and the melodies played in tune with him.  Again, the vocals are very light in this track, with the instruments competing for the spotlight, which forces listeners to pay attention to what is being played.

The closing track is titled “Fool for a Fool.” This track is also slowed down compared to the opening track, but it is still able to move through with a free spirited tune. “Fool for a Fool,” makes it impossible to not shake a leg or tap a foot while listening. The Mercy Beat knows just how to catch a listener’s ear. The song has various sounds all mixed into one, and it just works.

The Mercy Beat’s self titled EP was released on June 17th, and you can pick up the three tracks for a great price over on iTunes. It is a feel good EP that you will keep on repeat throughout this summer and jam to with friends.