REVIEW: Seether – ‘Isolate And Medicate’

'Isolate and Medicate' available now on iTunes.

It’s clear from the first few seconds of Isolate And Medicate‘s opener ‘See You At The Bottom’ that this is through and through a Seether album. They’ve stayed within what we know and love (no remix EP in sight this time around), but to say they haven’t improved would be a terrible tragedy. It has some serious dirt under its fingernails and at times its aggression matches (and even one-ups) the days of Karma And Effect. The past three years have certainly brought a more mature, if not grimmer, Seether.

(Just to get out of the way: If you’re still trying to place the vocal melody of ‘Words As Weapons’ it’s frighteningly similar to Gary Jules’ cover of ‘Mad World’.)

‘Suffer It All’ is a kin to taking a sledgehammer to your ex’s car and then setting it on fire and sitting down with a therapist and having a good ole chit chat about it. Imagine, if you will, the destruction in the video from Disclaimer II’s ‘Driven Under’ and you’re half way there. Speaking of people using guns it wouldn’t be Seether without a reference or two to firearms. “I believe that your words are fateful, I believe that you’re the broken one, I believe that your words enable, now somebody better hide my gun.” It makes you wonder how many guns Shaun Morgan actually owns or if we’re missing a metaphor along the way.

Somehow, there are moments where this album feels like revisiting old pains and picking at old scars while conversely nursing the hope that comes after new pain. It’s like growing, dealing with pain differently and realizing certain heartbreaks hurt less the older you become. Isolate And Medicate. It’s seldom that an album’s title sums it up in such a fitting way.