REVIEW: Russell Suereth – ‘Going Down The Highway’

'Going Down The Highway' available now on iTunes

Multi-instrumentalist, Russell Suereth’s latest release, Going Down The Highway, targets a wide variety of music lovers. With his folk, rock and alternative influence, songs like title track, “Going Down The Highway” and “I Can See You” will fancy those who enjoy the likes of The Doobie Brothers and old Bare Naked Ladies. Believe it or not, this is Suereth’s first full-length album. He is no stranger to the synth and all songs rely heavily on his ability to write various layers for his tracks.

Check out the record on iTunes now! For more on Suereth, check out his bio below and visit his Facebook.



My songs are the result of several years of writing, arranging, performing, and editing.

When I look at these songs now, they seem to have taken the shape of the life I live. Within these songs you’ll see contrast, some things that are new, and also a firm foundation. I try to incorporate these into my daily life; they help make my life interesting and stable at the same time.

In the foreground of these songs you’ll hear rich vocals, contrasting harmonies, and intriguing lyrics. Underlying that is a variety of rhythms from electric pianos, organs, and acoustic guitars. Crisp synths are peppered throughout, accenting the soundscape. All of this is layered over a consistent drum and bass foundation.

Please, enjoy these songs. They exist for your pleasure: for you to hear, for you to sing, and for all of us to reflect upon.