REVIEW: Old Hundred – ‘I Don’t Want to Die’ EP

'I Don't Want To Die' is available now on iTunes via Wide-Eyed Records

Death is a powerful theme for artists to tackle in their music. Artful folk-rock band Old Hundred decided to pursue the aforementioned theme in their latest EP I Don’t Want To Die. The EP was released June 6 with a record release show at the Ace of Cups in Columbus, Ohio via Wide-Eyed Records.

Building anticipation for the heavy themes prevalent on the EP, frontman Blake Skidmore doesn’t sing a single word until nearly three minutes into the EP on the track “I’ll Be There (When You Die).” Despite the melancholy feel felt through the lyrics “I get this feeling I’ll be there when you die,” the heavy feeling is soon uplifted with the lines “but it’s not scary, baby, it’s just life. It’s just time.” The heavy feelings death brings seemed to be contrasted with the soft melodies within the EP, making it smooth to listen to.

Not too much surprise, “I don’t want to die” are the first words sung by Skidmore on the proceeding track “I Don’t Want to Die,” which seemed to conflict the feeling of content within the last track with a new feeling of anxiety. Despite the anxious feel, the track still flows nicely with the creative foundation of what’s been laid before it.

With the wave of instrumentals that brought us into the EP, the EP concludes itself with another wave of instrumentals, adding cohesiveness to the EP as a whole. The track titles “Catamount I” and “Catamount II” seem to suddenly make sense. Old Hundred essentially created a virtual sandwich of instrumentals and reflective lyrics gravitating around the idea of death.

Old Hundred are planning to release a full length album in August titled Let in the Light, which is possibly a hint of similar themes. It’s interesting to see how the band will follow up with their heavy themes within the creative space of an LP.


Review by Eric Spitz

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