REVIEW: Nevada Rose – ‘Paint Me In Light’

'Paint Me In Light' Available now via Tragic Hero Records

Nevada Rose’s special brand of electronicore is going to have you on an adrenaline rush from start to finish with their first full-length release Paint Me In Light. This 37 minute long album is an ephemeral explosion of energy all the way through. There will be times you will want to two-step, and times you will want to headbang, maybe even fistpump along with these New Jersey natives— but at its core this album is rage central.

The album kicks off with “Anchors for Sunsets.” This track has an infectiously catchy beat that will have you dancing from the start, and sets the stage for the fire to follow.

Quite a few songs off this record have what it takes to make anyone’s essential summer playlist. I suggest you make a friend with a convertible just so you can blast “Meet Me At Midnight” and drive to the beach. Although this compilation of tracks is not profoundly technical, taken at face value it is a unique and upbeat album in a genre that inevitably blends together.

If you’re still “too metal” to like this electronically charged band, listen to “The Unrest” and see just how hard hitting growls and breakdowns can be when layered over dubstep.

Ultimately, Paint Me In Light is pure dynamite from beginning to end and will satisfy any sweet tooth with an addictive blend of catchy hooks, sugary lyrics, breakdowns and bass drops. Nevada Rose’s fresh take on metalcore is definitely changing the game for heavy music and bringing the party.

Paint Me In Light will be available now on iTunes via Tragic Hero Records.