REVIEW: Handguns – ‘Life Lessons’

'Life Lessons' available July 8 on iTunes.

Handguns Life Lessons Artwork

Worth the two-year wait, Life Lessons encompasses what Pop Punk is all about. Filled with loud guitars, and chord changes that meet a fast beat, the guys in Handguns have truly outdone themselves. Bound to be the summer anthem of 2014, Life Lessons starts off with a minute and twenty-two second glimpse of what the next nine songs are like, and believe me – you’ll want to hear them all.

Packed with lyrics that will be in your head for days to come, Life Lessons is pretty self-explanatory. Each song tells of a different obstacle that just about everyone faces at some point in their lives, giving the album that personalized feeling that everyone loves.

Life Lessons is about to become your favorite album of 2014, just a heads up.