REVIEW: Ghost Town – ‘The After Party’

The After Party is available June 17 via Fueled By Ramen Records

Sophomore albums can make or break a band, but fortunately for Ghost Town their upcoming release The After Party is far from a slump. With such an iconic label as Fueled By Ramen behind them, the California electro rockers have put together another full-length release that is sure to be a party starter. The quintet’s style is comparable to the likes of Breathe Carolina and Get Scared, and this record shows off their brand of futuristic goth rock that features mystical, supernatural lyric themes that set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

Firing up with “Acid” which has a quaint, horror movie soundtrack introduction, Ghost Town show off their talent with incredible electronics and a catchy chorus that will stick for days. The breakdown gets quite heavy, proving that this is a band that can hack it with the best of them when it comes to musical versatility. “Carnival” slows things down a bit somehow despite carrying on with the intricate electronics, which gives listeners the chance to pay more attention to the lyrics – intriguing words that are sure to inspire.

For the most part though, this is a record that seems like it was made to entertain rather than anything else. Quick beats and drops might not be something that you’d expect to find in a generic rock song, but Ghost Town have got a good thing going on that works for them and could have listeners rocking out and getting down on the dance floor simultaneously. “That’s Unusual (Jump)” is a pretty good example of that, as well as the band’s latest single “You’re So Creepy” that has gone down incredibly well with the masses ahead of the album release.

“Hocus Pocus” will draw you in with its title alone, and it’s vaguely creepy melody will be the aspect that will make you stay. It’s a running theme across this record; spooky theatrics that could very easily make it the soundtrack to a movie about ghouls, vampires and other things that go bump in the night – with a song entitled “Dracula,” it’s a perfect fit. Rounding off with “I’m A Disaster,” Ghost Town have clearly wanted to go out with a bang. The tempo isn’t as fast as other tracks on the album, but it’s a great way to wind down after how energetic the rest of it is, and with Kevin Ghost’s unique vocals at their very best it’s enough to make up for the lack of drive.

Ghost Town are clearly going places, and being on such a high-profile label is certainly going to be an aid to that. The After Party is great material; showcasing the band’s musical development since their last release and cementing their position in the scene. Buy the album on iTunes.