REVIEW: Empires – ‘How Good Does It Feel’

'How Good Does It Feel' is available via Chop-Shop/Island Records on June 17

Empires’ brand of slick indie rock is back in business with their upcoming EP How Good Does It Feel. The Chicago quartet have always been capable of putting together incredible records that are perfect for those lazy summer days where you’re kicking back with an iced tea and a good book, and this one is no exception – so make sure you add it to your 2014 summer soundtrack!

Things kick off with “Hostage”; it’s slow guitar riffs paired with Sean Van Vleet’s incredible vocal range are enough to have listeners sold straight away. The lyrics are intriguing, but don’t make you overthink, and the track soon treats you to a guitar solo that on its own might sound quite messy, but mixed in with everything else that Empires are offering it sounds flawless. The eponymous track follows, picking up the pace a little bit and making it the perfect track for a hipster dance party.The EP might only offer four songs, but its enough to showcase the raw talent that Empires has been packing since their beginning; talent that deserves waves of recognition.

“Please Don’t Tell My Lover” has an essence of The 1975 in its introduction until Van Vleet’s vocals kick in and you are reminded what you are being entranced by. While the lyrics aren’t terribly in-depth, the unexpectedly big chorus makes up for it and is sure to make you fall in love with Empires if you aren’t already – and if you’re not? Get ready to become addicted.