REVIEW: Doppelganger – ‘Hate The Things You Love’ EP

Hailing from Wrexham, Wales, Doppelganger is an alternative rock suit that excels at melodic discordance in a progressive styling, with their accents being just one of the many charming aspects about their new EP, Hate The Things You Love, available since its May 5 release.

Their lyrical sense of witty sarcasm and ability to create instrumentals that transition effortlessly between euphonic and chaotic makes for an intriguing listen.  Upon first listen the juxtaposition jumps straight out at you, as vocalist Dom Simms is quite endearing at the tender moments of his clean vocals yet also unsettling in a satisfying way during his screams, for instance when he abruptly screeches “Cherry Pie” in the explosive track “Comfort You.”

Opening track “Consideration Is a Fine Art for Fools” features jolting guitar rhythms to introduce the sporadic theme of the album that keeps listeners on edge, while single “Hate The Things You Love” is a spitefully moody track that will lodge itself firmly in listeners’ heads, the unnerving guitar riff featured in the last 40 seconds as Simms screams “Get away, leave this place, just get away from here!” is also a pretty pleasingly brutal way to end a break up song.

“Playground Girl,” which is probably the most mellow track on the EP, boasts a harmonic, emotional chorus with honest lyrics, as Simms sings “I guess I’m trying to tell you how much this hurts.” Closing track, “White.Mourning.Sun,” is another engaging, conflicted listen, roaming between soft, jolly guitars to crashing drums, starting off gentle and introspective with lyrics “I think it’s time to choose to laugh away your tears or cry away your smile,” and escalating to “And I can see straight through your lies, even though I don’t mind with the sun still burning white,” featuring a chorus of background vocals chanting over Simms’ urgent screams.  I must say, they left the best for last with this one.

Although for some it may take a second listen to truly appreciate the creative contrast of tones found throughout the EP, Hate the Things You Love kicks major butt during its hyper, aggressive moments yet can still deliver well-constructed harmonies in its softer moments as well.

Buy the single, “Hate The Things You Love,” on iTunes.