REVIEW: Charming Liars – ‘We Won’t Give Up’ EP

'We Won't Give Up' is available now via Capitol Music Group

Charming Liars We Won't Give Up EP cover

Charming Liars We Won’t Give Up EP has all of the ingredients for a solid Summer album. The songs have catchy hooks, upbeat drum fills and relatable lyrics all scrambled together with easy to listen to vocal that creates a fun EP suitable for a vast variety of audiences to enjoy.

The EP opens with a charmingly addicting song entitled “The Desperation.” This sweet little tune screams hit. It has an infectious intro that makes listeners want to clap along, it has inviting gang vocals in the chorus chanting “we won’t give up,” and most importantly it has such incredible radio potential. Next, “My Kind of Crazy” illustrates a grittier style, utilizing a more dissonant sound. This song lines pop punk drum beats with a more full guitar sound, a trait which makes them comparable to an more traditional band rather than a radio friendly pop-rock group like Hot Chelle Rae, who rely more on synth and less on classic Rock & Roll fundamentals. Although Charming Liars shows similarities to such bands, they find a way to put a respectable twist on radio rock.

The fourth track, entitled “Little Scar,” bares resemblance to the newest AFI album Burials (2013). This bass driven song has a darker edge to it. The vocals have a lower rasp to them, adding an eeriness to the band’s sound. “Little Scar” still carries the overall poppy essence of the rest of the EP, showing that Charming Liars flirt with dissonance, but only teasingly so.

Charming Liars
Charming Liars

Singer Charlie Cosser flaunts a nice pair of vocal chords throughout the EP. His smooth vocals carry each song with a soothing edginess and a fairly impressive range. In his lower range, Cosser’s voice has a similar vocal tone to that of Cameron Leahy of The Downtown Fiction, but when his voice reaches a more powerful level on a higher note he has a distinct richness to his voice.  The melodies take some nice, unexpected turns throughout the EP, making the vocals really stand out in each song.

We Won’t Give Up EP does have its faults, for one does not simply make a potentially radio friendly album without some semblance of repetitiveness. Some of the hooks start to become a tad boring due to a lack of ingenuity and the songs hold true to a formula from which the group only occasionally strays. Despite that, the EP keeps up a high level of energy and grabs the listener only to swing them around in a spirited dance. With an enticing twist on pop punk, We Won’t Give Up EP  overall invites nothing but good times and positive vibes, a delectable Summer treat.