REVIEW: 7Horse – ‘Songs For A Voodoo Wedding’

“When Son House, Keith Richards, and The Black Keys meets a next door neighbor of The Ramones high on Led Zeppelin.”

This is the sentence Blues-Rock duo 7Horse uses to describe their sound, which is a pretty accurate claim to say the least. The duo began as a hypothetical “what-if” between longtime band mates Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt, who shared a similar goal of cleaning the musical slate they’ve built and start again from rock n’ roll’s ground zero. The duo continued to try and achieve this feat through their release of Songs for a Voodoo Wedding, which was released June 10.

In regards to what the duo has their eyes set on, the album has moments of brilliance within tracks such as “Carousel Bar,” “Flying High (With No ID),” “Headhunter Blues” and “A Friend in Weed.” However, some of the filler tracks within the center such as “So Old Fashioned” and “Some MF” are flailing their arms around trying to catch the attention of anyone within the vicinity, and hopelessly just continue to flail. The same three words seem to be the extent of Leavitt’s vocabulary in the latter of the two. This essentially distracts the listener away from the creative foundation that’s been laid before them. This is a concept where “sometimes less is more” could apply.

Duos, as a whole, are a concept that have been becoming increasingly popular in music over the years, spanning from indie pop bands like Twenty One Pilots to more nitty and gritty rock n’ roll such as ’68. The back-story for 7Horse, in addition to the concept that much of the inspiration for the record came from attending an actual voodoo wedding, causes the album to appear good on paper. However, listeners need to trim the fat within some of the album in order to see some moments of brilliance, which tells me that an EP may have been more appropriate.