LIVE REVIEW: Twin Forks at Irving Plaza – New York, NY – 5/16/14


While the buzzing crowd faintly murmured whether they would hear the familiar heart-wrenching chords from 2002, Chris Carrabba– now self-introduced as Christopher– took to the stage at NYC’s Irving Plaza in a new light with his hair slicked back and tailored denim buttondown. Still armed with his acoustic guitar, Carrabba is now accompanied by a harmonizing female vocalist, mandolin, bass and drum kit that reads ‘Twin Forks.’

As the opening notes of “Can’t Be Broken” hushed the crowd’s curiosity, many were left silent with disappointment– but remarkably in the best way possible.

Sure, it took a few songs to finally get past the fact that Further Seems Forever is destined to never play a club show in NYC…ever or the realization that this new sound does not evoke the tears of teenage heartbreak from the Dashboard Confessional days. But by “Cross My Mind,” even the most stubborn of toes were tapping along to the upbeat melodies and acoustic rhythms dancing around the stage.

The light-hearted, American folk-rock pulsating through the PA made for an easy listening atmosphere that strayed away from Carrabba’s music of the past with the exception of a cover of “Swiss Army Romance” mid-set, of course.

The on-stage presence of the southern-flared Twin Forks won over the challenging New York audience with their joyful banter and infectious harmonies.

The energy of the room reached a new level with the return of Suzie Zeldin (The Narrative) for “Scraping Up the Pieces” and “Back To You” — two notable tracks that Zeldin recorded with Twin Forks in 2013 for the debut self-titled EP.

If you’re looking for a fun show to pair with your summer florals and chilled IPA’s, then look no further and catch Twin Forks live. The band’s full length album, Twin Forks, is available now on iTunes.

Photos and review by Amy Willard