LIVE REVIEW: The Heart Attack Tour Featuring Man Overboard at Reggies – Chicago, IL – 5/25/14

The Heart Attack Tour, named after Man Overboard’s newest release, Heart Attack, consisted of bands slowly rising to the top of the pop-punk scene: Man Overboard (who has been a consistent forerunner in the scene for a while), Transit, Forever Came Calling, and Knuckle Puck.

Chicago-natives, Knuckle Puck opened up the tour, drawing in a good portion of the crowd. The last time I had seen them was on their tour with Neck Deep earlier this year where they played a memorable set. They played songs off of both of their EPs, the most recent being “The Weight That You Buried,” and “Don’t Come Home,” as well as the two songs off of their split with Neck Deep. I’ve never seen a crowd go as crazy for an opening band as they did for Knuckle Puck. Few even broke Reggies’ “no crowd surfing” rule during their set.

Forever Came Calling was next up, playing songs off of their newest release, Contender along with older songsThe energy of the crowd translated back on stage, evident in the band’s stage presence. I’d seen FCC on tour with Real Friends last fall, and their catchy sound definitely stuck with me after that show, and I was looking forward to seeing them again. They opened with “Ides,” and the crowd began to move more as frontman Joseph Candelaria spit out the lyrics, “Just make mistakes ‘cause you’ll never be the same again/ and I’m not worth your while but what’s your while worth again?/ I did my best to keep all of your fucking secrets in/ but now they’re bleeding out from every god damn open end.” They closed with their popular song, “Front Porch Sunrise.”

Transit from Boston, MA was next. Transit has been rapidly gaining a strong following for a few years, and recently put out a full length in 2013 titled Young New England and an EP in late 2013 titled Futures & Sutures. They most notably played the popular “Long Lost Friends,” “Listen & Forgive,” “Skipping Stone,” as well as “Young New England” and “So Long, So Long” off of their latest full length. The band also played a new song titled “Pins & Needles.”

Headliner Man Overboard took the stage to play a sixteen song set, opening with “White Lies” off of their latest full length, Heart Attack. In the three times I’ve seen Man Overboard live, I’ve never heard them play as many old songs as they had this time around. I was surprised to hear them play “Disconnect” off of their third EP Before We Met: A Collection of Old Songs. They played a lot of songs off of Real Talk and their self-titled record, which elicited a good response from the audience. The response to their newer songs was overwhelmingly positive, seeing as most of the room was singing along and starting to crowd surf. They played favorites “World Favorite” and “Love Your Friends, Die Laughing,” and closed out their set with “Where I Left You.”

Review and photos by Anam Merchant