VIDEO PREMIERE: Kids Without Instruments – “Eyes (Breakers Version)”

EP available this summer

Kids Without Instruments

Today we have a video premiere for you that strays from the paths of convention here at Substream. Meet Kids Without Instruments.

Kids Without Instruments (or KWI) are a self-proclaimed Electronic Disco Rock pair. Finding each other on Tumblr and later collaborating over Facebook’s instant messenger, the duo has brought to life their unique style of music for the world to hear.

Watch the premiere of KWI’s music video for “Eyes” featuring a trio of dancers weaving in and out of frame as well as a short interview with the group below.

We’ve just met, tell us about about Kids Without Instruments. What makes you, you?

Kids Without Instruments is a project Marion and I started on November 11 2011. It seemed like a good day to start something on that date. We’re just two “KIDZ” that produce electronic music and write our own songs. I mean we do try to tap into the void/stream/universal-subconcious, to make something. When we do, it ends up sounding great or something crazy. Eyes is one of those tracks.

This video is a bit out there, wouldn’t you say? What gave you the idea for the concept?

The video was directed by @samjackgilmore his vision was pretty close to mine. I originally saw a bunch of albino bodys writhing in a black liquid and then double exposing images on the black liquid. I really like the spinning during the “DROP” cause I don’t know how to make DUBSTEP. I kinda just sampled a vacuum and a black-hole to make it feel like you’re going down the garbage disposal.

What makes this the “Breakers Version”?

The dancers were cool. I never thought people would be able to dance to my music. Normally. I just flail around like Kermit the Frog when I listen back to my music.

This song has some interesting polyrhythms I was working with. I made this track almost a year and a half ago when I noticed Trap and Dubstep were really huge Google searches. So I decided to make two separate drum patterns one being trap the other dubstep and put them on top of each other. I liked the combination, it was like a crazy ghetto drum baby, then to give it some UK flair I added a DandB break… cuz like yeah.

What’s on your horizon? When will we see the EP?

We’ve been focusing on honing our craft by playing live shows wherever we can in Southern California. We play mostly college events, art events, bars, backyard parties. We have been writing new music… something different something the same. We can only hope for a summer release of new songs. We also have several collabs we are kinda keeping secret cause those aren’t out yet. Expect the unexpected.