The Nearly Deads Tour Blog: Paper Dolls Tour Take 2!

Howdy Substreamers! TJ here, writing from the sick green room at Reverb in Reading, PA. Gearing up for our show tonight! This place rocks, it’s gigantic, and they have WiFi. Trust me, on tour, you become a WiFi fiend, it’s like a drug. You just have to get your next fix. We can’t get anything done without it!


So last time we left off we had just met our new best friends, Kaleido. We got to play two more shows with them in Lansing, MI and Kent, OH. Both shows were amazing, and we became quick friends with them. In Kent, we had some “VIZ’s” show up (Very Important Zombies), and one had even driven 6 hours that day just to come to the concert! It was so rad spending the day with them all, we even gave them a secret sneak peak at our newest music video for “I Said” which we just released! Go watch it! (


After that show, we headed all the way to Limestone NY, to play at Rock’n Ricks. On the way, we had some time to spare, and ended up near Bradford, PA. We love finding weird stuff to do along the side of the road, and we actually stumbled upon the Zippo/Case Museum. We decided to take a chance and find it. I was like, we’re either going to get there and it’s going to be CLOSED…or it’s going to end up being super cool and interesting. And…it was actually amazing! We learned so much about lighters that day. Did you know Zippo has sold over 500 MILLION lighters? They actually have an area in the museum dedicated to all the awesome rock bands that have had limited edition Zippos made for them…after all you can’t have an arena show without a sea of lighters! Zippo + Rock and Roll = BFFs.


The town of Bradford is actually really quaint and historic, and I personally love just wandering around trying to find the local hole-in-the-wall and meeting new people. It’s always mad interesting. Like….the local high school was putting on “Jaws: The Musical” and I actually really wanted to go see it! (Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theatre…) So…we ended up at some really sketchy bar, but it was just perfect! We had $5 pizzas and everyone there thought we were rock stars. Hilarious. We proceeded to Rock’n Ricks – Rick is a real guy, and he’s super rad! The best part about the show though were the two stray kitties wandering around outside the venue!!!


We left right after the show to make it all the way to Asbury Park, NJ for our gig at Wunderloft the next day. We got to chill with Kevin, our bassist’s, family, take showers and relax before the show. He always shows us a good time, since NJ is his homestate. It’s not that big of a state. I think everyone that lives there knows each other….or is somebody’s cousin. Wunderloft is just that…a loft. It was a house party! The only word to describe that show is….sweaty. It was super hot, there was beer spilling all over the floor, there was a crappy PA with no monitors, and drunk people everywhere! Needless to say, the show was absolutely amazing. A party is just what us road-weary travelers needed.


After staying the night with Kevin’s family again, we headed all the way back up to Vernon, NY. That night was an example of how one fan can turn an entire night around. The show was at Nothin’ Fancy, a really cool place with a big stage and a great sound system…but it’s practically in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention it was also Memorial Day…so we were worried no one was going to show up! We had locals cancel at the last minute…morale was low. We had a few superfans show up and we were like, you know what, this is why we do this. Let’s give them the show of their lives!  We played our first EP front to back basically, and rocked out with the few people that were there like there were 1000 kids in the room. They went crazy for us, and for City of The Weak. There was just so much positivity in the room. Everyone got into every single song, sang along to what they knew, danced, started a circle pit, clapped, and we all had the time of our lives that night! Totally one of the most positive experiences we’ve had as a band.


After that night we headed straight to Albany, NY. I got to spend another day wandering around and exploring a city I’ve never been to. I honestly think it’s the sole reason I got into touring in the first place! I love meeting new people and learning about new places! The Fuse Box was a great venue – the managers, both named Dan, were super nice and really loved us. Jackson from City of the Weak ran sound, and he did an incredible job! Let me tell you…this kid is a genius. And he goes absolutely WILD onstage. You can’t re-create his energy. We’re so lucky to be on the road with such a rad band! That night, we played one of our favorite covers, “I’m Not OK” by MCR. Interestingly enough…literally NO ONE there knew it. I was so confused. Until I found out that the headlining local was like….a Led Zeppelin, psychedelic, fusion funk jam band. Then…I understood why there were no emo kids there. HOWEVER – the lead singer’s Mom…absolutely adored us. We are truly kid-tested, mother approved.

Only a couple more shows yet! But not to worry…we’re going to be on tour FOREVER.



5/27 – Albany, NY @ Fuze Box*

5/29 – Reading, PA @ Reverb*

5/30 – Frederick, MD @ Cafe 611*

5/31 – Baltimore, MD @ Fish Head Cantina*

6/03 – Columbus, OH @ Turtle Creek Tavern*

*w/ City Of The Weak


6/07 – Milwaukee, WI @ PrideFest

6/10 – Kansas City, MO @ Czar Bar•

6/12 – Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now•

6/14 – Lemoyne, PA @ The Champ•

6/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Hard Rock Cafe•

6/18 – West Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern•

6/20 – Orlando, FL @ Bombshell’s Tavern•

6/21 – Tampa, FL @ TBA•

6/24 – Jacksonville, FL @ Aqua Nightclub•

6/25 – Cumming, GA @ His Rock Music*

6/27 – New Orleans, LA @ The BEATnik•

6/29 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In

*w/ Rivers Monroe & Devon O’Connor