The Nearly Deads Tour Blog: Paper Dolls Tour Take 1!

What’s up, zombies? We have a very busy schedule this spring… a new music video for our latest single “I Said” is dropping on May 27th, our very first full-length album “Invisible Tonight” drops June 24th, we have a Kickstarter currently underway, and we are also competing in the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands competition! With so much going on, it’s hard to believe we are out here on the road again! Truthfully, I love my life and I am so lucky to get to sing every night and meet new and wonderful people every day. Long live the Rock and Roll lifestyle! Actually, on this tour, I’m keeping it more punk rock than ever. I’m intentionally showering every 4th day. HAHA Just kidding….Right now I’m sitting at Denny’s at a Pilot Travel Center. It’s no secret that it’s our go-to place on tour. You can park for free all night, sleep in the van, come inside for a shower, get iced coffee at Denny’s….it’s perfect for touring bands.


This time around we’re lucky enough to be on the road with an amazing band from St. Paul, Minnesota (say it with the accent!) called City of the Weak! (W-E-A-K) My long lost twin sister Stef (with an F) fronts the band and they tear it up every night on stage. We even have hair-teasing parties before shows.

We started in Eau Claire, WI at Hipps Pub (where the hipsters go)! Shout out to the whole crew there, they really made us feel welcome! The first day of tour with a new band is always fun – it’s like the first day of school! Everyone wears their best outfits and tries to impress each other. The next day we were off to Janesville, WI where we played at The Back Bar. The stage there is AMAZING and they have an awesome setup backstage. The entire back room is covered in graffiti and band stickers. We left our mark, and spied some familiar bands…Throwing Gravity, The Few, and Fools For Rowan! Looks like The Back Bar gets a lot of action!


The next day we headed to Barrington, IL for what was one of my favorite shows so far on the tour. We played at the Penny Road Pub. There were a ton of kids there already when we showed up, so we knew it was gonna be an intense night. I spied a fan with an Icon For Hire shirt on, and gave him a shout out for showing our friends some love, only to find out he was ALSO rocking his Nearly Deads hoodie! Turns out he had seen us last time we played in Illinois on our tour with It Lives It Breathes. Again – tons of kids + superfans = a GREAT SHOW!

Next we had a couple days off and we went to stay with some family up in Milwaukee, WI. It seemed like we had just gotten started on this tour, but we were grateful for the hospitality and the chance to recharge. And the lack of fast-food.


After that we headed out to Taylor, MI and met back up with our new friends in COTW. They are all super-nice and professional, not to mention they absolutely SHRED on stage! Watch out for flying dreadlocks though….

After that, we headed to our show in Muskegon, MI. I actually REALLY like this town. The people rock, they have lots of heart, and they LOVE live music. We saw a lot of familiar faces! We met up with Detroit rockers Kaleido, and they absolutely blew our minds! They are an amazing band. Before the show, Stef from COTW, Christina from Kaleido, and myself got to do a mini photo shoot. There was so much blonde going on….it was amazing. SUCH a fun night! We played at the Unruly Brewing Co., and they even gave us a tour of the brewery they have there! The owners were extremely nice, the show rocked, and the sound system LITERALLY brought the walls down. I’m not joking. There was plaster on the floor. I promise. Looking forward to the next few days with City of the Weak AND Kaleido. It should be an interesting couple of shows! See ya on the road!



Catch The Nearly Deads on the Paper Dolls Tour!


5/22 – Lansing, MI @ The Loft**

5/23 – Kent, OH @ The Outpost**

5/24 – Limestone, NY @ Rock’n Rick’s*

5/25 – New Jersey @ Wunderloft*

5/26 – Vernon, NY @ Nothin’ Fancy*

5/28 – Hamden, CT @ The Space*

5/29 – Reading, PA @ Reverb*

5/30 – Frederick, MD @ Cafe 611*

5/31 – Baltimore, MD @ Fish Head Cantina*

6/03 – Columbus, OH @ Turtle Creek Tavern*

6/07 – Milwaukee, WI @ PrideFest (Miller Main Stage)

*w/ City Of The Weak

**w/ Kaleido & City Of The Weak