The Happy Alright – ‘Streetlights on the Worst Nights’ (Review)


“They say that breaking up is hard to do,” well, let me tell you, growing up is way worse! When life throws you adult deadlines and dilemmas, you probably just need a little bit of The Happy Alright in your life. Made up of Sterling Gavinski on guitar and lead vocals, Mason Steeger on bass and backing vocals, and Bradley Barteau on drums, these guys brings me back to a time when my biggest worry was where I was going to sit in the car when my friends picked me up. Ha! Bad Rebecca Black reference? Fine, I’ll give you that one.

With influences like Green Day and Blink 182 this pop-punk Dallas trio are clearly carving a path for themselves; and with the release of their second EP, Streetlights On The Worst Nights (love the title by the way!), The Happy Alright are bringing back that raw unpolished punk-rock  vibe we all grew up with. Consisting of four acoustic songs, Streetlights On The Worst Nights is a bit different than their earlier stuff and is a very telling tale of love, life and positivity, plus, how reminiscent of Jordan Pundik is Gavinski’s voice on this one?! There’s something so revealing about an acoustic album that has the ability to transcend the tracks into something extremely relatable and that is truly felt by it’s listeners, and that is exactly what Streetlights On The Worst Nights does. The album starts off with “Speak Your Mind” (my personal favorite) presenting a side of love and love lost that we are all a bit too familiar with and closes with “Lions And Streetlights” whose ever so haunting lyrics “let’s forget the things that bring us down” reminds us that we cannot be defined by the negativity in our lives.

Overall this EP is a pretty solid one and choosing to go acoustic with it makes it a great listen for all types of music lovers. There is one major problem with this album though and that problem is that I want more!



Review by Jaclyn Tamura