SIIINES on Hating Clubs and Taking Over the World (Interview & Review)


“The girls. They all look the same. Vapid. Read a book, please.” One of the reasons SIIINES’ Travis Nesbitt and Morgan Gies hate clubs. The list, amusingly, goes on but at the very top of it is what Siiines formed in defiance of, “the music. Most clubs are playing the same top 40 songs on repeat. I get it. Play what people like and what they’ll dance to, but play something cool that they don’t know as well! Educate!”

In between shots at Kanye West (“my name is Kanye West / My ego’s never underdressed/…diamonds ain’t nothing/ nothing compares to me/ I’m the rarest commodity”) and writing a new breed of electro-rock and hating clubs, Siiines have sighted up world domination and the first item on the list: “eviscerate every mainstream media outlet. Radio, TV, news. It’s all just McDonald’s for the brain.” Either that or opening a quality chain of vegan restaurants (musicians have always been sexy but vegan musicians? My…wait what?).

They’re not the only big ideas that SIIINES have lined up and the EP Fukushimarama delivers on more than one front. From its intimacy and dance club vibe (with no vapid girls in sight) to what became a metaphorical tennis match with collaborator Carol-Lynne Quinn.

You see, SIIINES formed out of Social Code and that means Nesbitt and Gies came from a songwriting background – not one of exclusively mashing effects together.

“We’re songwriters first…that human voice singing something meaningful and real to you has a profound distinction and impact.”

Against a backdrop of artists that are great at focussing on the sounds and musicality and style, SIIINES’ approach is as meaningful as it is bass driven. The effect is an EP, and when SIIINES are finished with it, a genre, with a sound that is “a far deeper and intimate experience.” They credit the genre though, not just themselves (not that you could blame them if they did), because electronics erode the monotony of rock.

“Rock is where people are marching down the same path that was forged decades ago.  This [electronic music] is where the new sounds bring the fresh perspective to.” Siiines have latched onto the electronic side of music and with it they hope to create something a lot more real.

“The thing that helps give a song legs is a lyric and idea that goes deeper than simply some platitude. Look how quickly modern pop songs come and go.” And that isn’t SIIINES, they’re here to take risks and not be “[drunk] and pissed out hours later.” Because if you “make something real, something that can stand alone[it] will stay with a listener.”

Case in point: “Whelps (Featuring Carol – Lynne Quiin).” “There’s a mental rally that takes place like a musical game of tennis. You serve the ball to the other side and the other person moves to a somewhere completely new to hit back.” The end result is a track that took them “to exciting and unexpected places” a process you have to allow to happen and be open minded for. It’s one of the EP’s stand out tracks.

Which brings it right back to taking risks. “Push boundaries. Be reckless. Don’t worry about what someone else will think or it’s current or trendy or whatever other bullshit can plague your mind.”

The irony here is that Fukushimarama fits easily, even effortlessly, in to the club scene, into what’s trendy. But it’s made even better in that it feels like SIIINES have set out to infiltrate, to change the “monotony of rock” and clean up the top 40 playlists. And it feels that way because they have. Because this EP is electronic-rock with guts and brains. And because while it feels like the furthest thing away from vapid girls, vomit covered bathrooms and guys that are there to look cool, SIIINES are set to turn the electronic world onto its back.


SIIINES is Travis Nesbitt, Morgan Gies and DJ GBok.



Album Review:

“If Nirvana and Deadmau5 had sex, SIIINES would be the DNA left behind.” SIIINES’ Twitter bio. Sums it up.


Fukushimarama! Is a five track EP that’s dirty, sexy, inventive and will evoke mass booty shaking. “Kanye West” wins best track for its wit and tongue-in-cheek swipes at Kanye and his ego, “my ego’s never underdressed/ hey, hey, hey I’m the best…/even Jesus waits in line for my parties.”

Each track carries a dubstep/dance floor beat that’ll shake your insides when the PA is turned up to 11. “Whelps (feat. Carol-Lynne Quinn)” is one of those tracks with a beat so pounding you need to have dropped acid to appreciate it. As with all of SIIINES’ tracks there’s great vocals, lyrics (whether they’re sexy or witty they’re well written) and it’s never stagnant. The EP flows through with each track exhibiting something different about the duo.

“Inhuman Nature” is infectious. It’s where the band show off musically (as they should) even if you have no sense of timing or beat – you’ll find your way through this song.

Time for the almost.

It falls flat in that it’s limited dance/club music genre. Despite what they can do within those parameters they’re still heavy on the driving beats and loops and on “Whelps (feat. Carol-Lynne Quinn)” you can’t quite escape dubstep (which I thought had curled up in a hole and died somewhere). It feels repetitive at times and isn’t as gritty or evocative as what you’d expect from a band that likens themselves to Nirvana – Deadmau5 love making leftovers.

SIIINES know what makes a song dance worthy, attractive, memorable and they exploit that knowledge. Is that bad? No. But it wears down on the overall feeling of the EP and there are moments where it feels like they’re holding back.


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By Sebastian Mackay