REVIEW: Whitechapel – ‘Our Endless War’




Our Endless War is, sonically, a continuation of Whitechapel’s 2012 self-titled record, which saw vocalist, Phil Bozeman, switch from high-pitched vocals to much more punishing screams. Our Endless War is quite possibly the band’s heaviest release to date, and lyrically attacks just about every group equally. From the media to religion to our society in general, Bozeman expresses his discontent with what our society has become throughout the record.

Where the album fails is in its inability to standout from other bands in the metal scene. While it is nice to see the band evolving, especially in the case of Bozeman’s vocals, this album would be greatly helped by a more distinguishable sound. The band repeats many of the same riffs throughout the album, making even some of the songs hard to distinguish from each other.

With that being said, there are a few tracks on the record that are quite solid. “The Saw is the Law” shows the capability of the band to write complex instrumentation and is easily Bozeman’s most brutal song on the record. The mixture of fast paced verses and the melodious bridge on “How Times Have Changed” suits Whitechapel well, and is hopefully a sign of what’s to come from the band.

While Our Endless War will not go down as Whitechapel’s signature album, it definitely shows signs of promise for the future. The album has its moments, but hopefully the band will come back better than ever on their next release with a sound that is more their own. It seems that bands in the metal and hardcore scene in general are afraid to form their own sound, since it is so easy to ride the coattails of the successful. There is no doubt that Whitechapel has the ability to be remembered as one of the great bands from our time, but it all hinges on their willingness to experiment and solidify their sound.



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Review by Jonathan Kemp