REVIEW: This Wild Life – ‘Clouded’

Sometimes it takes being willing to go out of your comfort zone to create something better than you could have ever imagined. After both pursuing careers as drummers, Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso decided to give up that aspect of their lives and create the purely acoustic-based, This Wild Life. Last year the band embarked on Emery’s The Weak’s End 10 Year Anniversary Tour, this summer the duo will be heading out Van’s Warped Tour, and now they are also releasing their debut record with Epitaph Records, Clouded.

The album was recorded in Lakeland, Fla. with Aaron Marsh of Copeland, who seems to have been the perfect fit for the band. The production on the record perfectly showcases Jordan’s vocals and Del Grosso’s intricate instrumentation. Each of their talents is enhanced by the acoustic nature of the album, and almost makes it impossible to imagine the songs being done full-band. Marsh’s handprint can also clearly be seen throughout the album, which is always a good thing.

Lyrically, Jordan laid many of his feelings out on the table on songs like “History” where he asks whether he has the guts to leave a relationship that he sees going nowhere, and on “Bound to Break” where he admits his flaws and says he’s not proud of who he’s been. On each song Jordan shows that he’s willing to allow the listener into his world and be completely open and honest, something sadly uncommon in today’s music scene.

The intricacies of the melodies on Clouded will grab people’s attentions, but the highly relatable aspect of the songs on this album will endear This Wild Life to anyone who listens. Clouded is one of the more unique albums to be released in awhile and is a strong release from one of the best up-and-coming bands.



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Review by Jonathan Kemp