REVIEW: Mad Caddies – ‘Dirty Rice’

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We’re All Mad Here

This album combines all the best aspects of Ska, Blues, Reggae and Pop-Punk. The energy level of each track leaves no doubt that the Mad Caddies love what they do and they have fun doing it.

Tracks like “Down and Out” have a retro vibe lined with a delightful brass section. This song in particular invites listeners to get up and swing dance. With a killer piano solo and ragtime beat, “Down and Out” bring the roaring 20s back to the future. Track 4, entitled “Ska City” does its name justice with a hearty percussion section and devilish brass parts. The energy in Dirty Rice surely does not let up.

Some of the tracks sound more punk induced, and the vocals become a little rougher… in a good way. Mad Caddies fully embrace each genre from which they pull influence, they personify the saying: “go big or go home.” By golly, they go big. Songs like “Bring it Out” have a very Sum 41 feel. Pop-punk with an edge. The song keeps the brass section alive and thriving which adds a consistency to the record, but the choruses and bridge have a very 90s punk touch of chaos.

The album, overall, has undeniable cohesion. Their combination of genres all melt together in a consistent fashion which, while not boring, can get repetitive at times. Basically, a lot of the songs do sound similar to one another. That being said, Dirty Rice has more than enough positive features to outweigh any complaint of repetition from style. Some songs have more punk elements and some make you want to attend a Speakeasy. The vocals never falter and the brass section kills it, so do not miss out on the newest work from the Mad Caddies.


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Review by Alice Carson