Buy this. Turn it up. Dance your heart out. This EP has more funk to it than should be legal. It is too much? God no. LIFE are three guys that have brought together a dizzying array of musical influences and collided them together. The end result is an EP will get into your marrow and have you innocently tapping along at one moment and singing your heart out the next. It’s short, very short. Four tracks all-in-all but it works to the EP’s advantage. Because once the last note from “RUDWN?” rings out, putting it on again is the next logical step.

“Kill The Messenger” has a delightfully triumphant opening horn section. The chorus is catchy “whoa, whoa don’t kill the messenger” and the verses in between beg for dancing when you don’t know the lyrics (but that won’t be for long).

The EP shows off a number of different sides to the band and shows that whatever is coming next, could go anywhere.


RUDWN is out June 18 via Urbantone.


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Review by Sebastian Mackay