REVIEW: Jesse Denaro – ‘Dear, Love’

Independent singer/songwriter, Jesse Denaro, has released his debut EP, 'Dear, Love.'

In an age when singer/songwriters are as plentiful as coffee shops, Jesse Denaro has found a way of distinguishing himself from all the others with his mirific voice and incredibly relatable lyrics. Dear, Love is a beautifully written record that showcases the best of what Denaro has to offer, both musically and lyrically. Songs like “The Grand La Monz” and “Bones” show off Denaro’s more melodic side, and are quite possibly the two catchiest tracks on the record. Sonically, the album is very much in the vein of City and Colour, but with a bit more country twang to it – especially on the title track.

While the album is overall a great release, the songs begin to blend together after just one listen through. Denaro is obviously an extremely talented musician and lyricist, but what will make his next release even better is making each song a bit more distinguishable. In the meantime, Dear, Love is a beautiful release that is a great step forward for a young artist and proves he is primed for mainstream success.