REVIEW: Dorydrive – ‘Here’s To You’

Dorydrive cover


A band that seems tailor-made for the radio, alternative-rock outfit Dorydrive released their sophomore album, Here’s to You, through First Launch Records on February 25. Comprised of 12 polished, radio-ready tracks, the album has an overall touch of a southern vibe that compliments vocalist Matheiu Nevitt’s rich tone. “Here’s to you” and “Paramour” are strong tracks with driving guitars and catchy choruses, though it’s hard not to sense that most songs on the album have the same message, song writing formula, and often the lyrics create the sense of déjà vu— particularly the “I need you and I want you and I just can’t live without you” sorta thing.  However, this seems to be their niche, and they definitely own it.  Not an album for everyone, but fans of radio rock will surely gravitate toward their familiar concept and solid sound. / / Twitter: @DoryDrive


Review by Jen Schwartz