REVIEW: Devil’s Dance Tour Featuring Chiodos – Seattle, WA – 5/11/14


Walking into the small venue of El Corazón it almost seemed inadequate for the headliner tour of Chiodos. The Devils Dance Tour included openers such as Emarosa, Hands Like Houses, Our Last Night and ’68. From the moment I stepped in to take a look at the crowd, I knew it was going to be an amazing night.

The lights dimmed and the crowd stopped their conversations only to clap and cheer as their attention turned toward center stage where only a drum set and single guitar sat. Out of the darkness walked not a full band, but two men who took position and were ready to play a rock show. This band was ’68 who is fronted by Josh Scogin, formally known as the singer for The Chariot. Their high energized set was pack full of screams, incredible instrumentals and laughs as the band poked fun at themselves, prepared the crowd for what was to come next.

Again, the lights dimmed and the roar of the crowd grew as the drummer sat there alone starting it off. Moments later out ran 3 more guys, hyped, and ready to start their set. Frontman Trevor Wentworth hopped from side to side, stopping to interact with the fans the entire 30 minute set while his band mates backed him up. The crowd sang along to the songs they knew but when the band decided to cover Katy Perry’s hit song “Dark Horse” they went nuts. The set ended and the four piece group stayed to high-five their fans, thanking them for coming out, before walking off stage. By then I could hear the whispers of anticipation for this next act around the room.

Next, hailing from Canberra, Australia, was the 6 piece act of Hands Like Houses. The band played old fan favorites such as “Lion Skin” and “Antarctica,” but their main focus was to expose their new album titled Unimagine. The set was coming to an end when the band announced they had one more song, which was to be “Introduced Species.” The crowd broke out in cries as the pushed their way toward the stage ready to sing along to one last song.

Before the second to last band approached the stage I could hear the questioning manner of the crowd, curious about the band’s new frontman. The lights died and out walked Emarosa, lead by their new power-house singer Bradley Walden. He kindly introduced himself and began to belt out the notes of older songs for the die hard Emarosa fans in the house. Wanting to connect with his new fans and sing an older song with them, Walden stepped down from the stage, mic in hand, right into the middle of the crowd where he was surrounded with his newfound friends as they sang the song together as one. Emarosa could not have found a better replacement to fit right into their family. The only thing left to be said is; Emarosa IS back.

The crowd was tired and exhausted from the energy put on by the openers but that was not going to stop them, this crowd was determined to make this the best night of their life. From the moment this band hit the stage there was never a dull moment. Packed from front to back everyone sang along to the songs they knew by heart. The crowd was like an ocean and frontman Craig Owens was ready to go surfing. He approached the front of the crowd smothered against the stage hanging onto the ceiling and put his foot out towards them where they placed their hands underneath and lead Owens out to the middle of the floor. Owens kept himself up as he shouted the lyrics, not missing a beat as he made his way back to the stage. It was another good night because Seattle native, Thomas Erak, was back in town and ready to party. Dancing around the whole night it was obvious to everyone, Erak was happy to be back in town. After just 13 songs the band left the stage and the crowd roared for more. Enjoying the anticipation for a few short moments, Chiodos reappeared on stage finishing with two oldies and the night was done. The crowd sweat drenched and exhausted left the building with smiles on their faces, wishing the night had never ended.

This lineup was jam packed full of great artists, whether new or old, and was a pleasure to be able to catch when it hit Seattle. An energized show like this never had a dull moment in it.

Photos and review by MacKenzie Richmond