REVIEW: Cardboard Kids – ‘Echo Boomer’

'Echo Boomer' is available now via American Echo Records

Cardboard Kids Echo Boomer cover art

Whether you know it or not, Cardboard Kids is your new obsession.

Environmentally inspired by a complete submersion in Nashville culture, Jake Germany and company have crafted a near flawless record in Echo Boomer. It’s no coincidence that while watching (on repeat) the video for the album’s title track that YouTube suggests you also listen to The Doors, Young the Giant and Jack White. Echo Boomer ebbs and flows with an aggressive grace, punctuated by R&B influenced grooves and soulfully imperfect whaling reminiscent of Mr. White himself.

Coincidently, Ruby Amanfu, most well known as Jack White’s backup singer, is featured on “Lush”, “Dime a Time Lover” and “Oh, Child”. Frequent collaborators Elle and Shealeen Puckett of Tooth N’ Nail act Poema, appear on quieter ends of the record with “Broke A Promise” while the closer, “Mercy”, feels primed for mainstream airwaves. Produced by Tres Sasser and engineered by Joe Costa (Ben Folds), Echo Boomer is an immaculate first release, catchy, punching yet delicate, and a perfect sleeper hit for the summer.

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