REVIEW: Bane – ‘Don’t Wait Up’

Bane Album Cover

Bane Album Cover

After spending the last two decades promoting hope and thrashing venues all over the world, heavily influential hardcore act Bane announced that their latest LP (not to mention their first in eight years) Don’t Wait Up, would be their final release as a band.While many members of the genre’s community considered this to be a devastating loss, fans should be far from discouraged. Not only does Don’t Wait Up match the standards set by the significance of the band’s discography – it often improves on them, all culminating into the triumphant finale many anxiously hoped for. Excellently produced by Jay Maas of Defeater, the band has never sounded better than on Don’t Wait Up, bursting at the seams with aggression and energy throughout, while still being able to show artistic restraint when necessary.

The combination of “Non-Negotiation” and “All the Way Through” kick off the record in tremendous fashion with fiercely chugging guitars and pounding percussion, while vocalist Aaron Bedard continues to progress, sounding more visceral than ever before. While the bulk of Don’t Wait Up is constructed of the tried-and-true hardcore that Bane’s become widely known for producing, it’s moments when the band explores less familiar ground that make the record truly special. Whether they’re tapping a parade of guest vocalists (“Calling Hours”), recollecting back on horrifying memories (“Wrong Planet”) or given the chance to truly reflect on the strides they’ve made as a band (“Final Backward Glance”), they end up coming together to make Don’t Wait Up one of the most unforgettable hardcore records of recent memory. No one knows how long it will be before Bane officially decides to call it quits as a band, but until then, one thing’s for sure: They sure know how to leave on one hell of a high note.


Don’t Wait Up is available May 13 via Equal Vision Records.


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Review by Landon Defever