REVIEW: Artifex Pereo – ‘Time In Place’

Artifex Pereo album cover

I’d never heard of Artifex Pereo before Time In Place came up for review. I then cheated and looked them up on YouTube before taking the album. Anticipation = built.

Vibe is everything in music and it’s not a case of you’ve either got it or you don’t (because every band does) but how powerful that vibe is is what’s important. Time In Place is constantly shifting from the melodic and the beautiful up the scale to heavy and back down to meandering.

Sonically and lyrically the album is a journey. It moves through the facets of Artifex Pereo flawlessly. It’s a long album and as it progresses it becomes more and more encompassing.

Time In Place is their second album, in that sense they’re little known, but the album acts  as a launch pad for their unique sound. It’s a re-envisioning of rock music that brings with it a raft of different influences and dynamics. Simply put: It’s invigorating.

Time In Place is available May 27 via Tooth & Nail Records.


 Review by Sebastian Mackay