Letlive. – Lawrence, KS – 4/26/14 (Live Review)


I find myself having a hard time trying to describe what it’s like to witness Letlive. perform. Each member of the band puts every bit of energy they have in to every set that they play – April 26th being no exception. The LA natives came through The Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas with support from Architects (UK), Glass Cloud and I The Mighty. I think everyone including the bands were pretty surprised with how great of a turn out the show received. The crowd was feeling it and the artists were feeling it as well. I The Mighty kicked off the show to a great start and the same speaks for Glass Cloud. As the night progressed, the amount of energy circulating throughout the venue became more and more intense, and Architects played the best set that I’ve seen from them (not that there has ever been a performance that hasn’t blown me away).

Finally, it was time for Letlive. to take the stage – instant madness. There were bodies flying left and right from crowd surfers, to stages dives, and everything in between. Naturally, vocalist Jason Butler found himself doing just about the same. For those who have not witnessed his stage presence, it is unlike most other artists in the game. The amount of passion that is shared through not only the band, but the fans is indescribable.

The night was filled with so much ‘ll.ove.’ One of the more memorable moments of the night was when this guy, John, whom I’ve seen at almost every hardcore/metal show that has come through The Granada got himself up on stage and danced along side the band, which then led to Jason yelling, “YES! YES!” as he laid himself on top of the crowd, sending the entire room into an uproar. Jason then went on to say that people like John are one of the reasons that they are even a band.  To sum it all up, the amount of energy flowing through the entire venue was incredible. If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing this band perform, PLEASE change that. It is an experience that you will not forget.


By Baylee Sowter


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