Fall Out Boy’s Six (or Seven) Ways To Save Rock And Roll

Watch The Young Blood Chronicles in full at 9pm EST on May 21

Fall Out Boy Young Blood Chronicles Screencap

Substream sent LA contributor Jack Appleby to an industry-only event premiering Fall Out Boy‘s Young Blood Chronicles in it’s entirety ahead of it’s online debut. There, viewers were able to watch all 11 parts of the music video series that accompanies the band’s 2013 studio effort Save Rock and Roll.

It’s easy to praise Fall Out Boy’s ambition towards The Young Blood Chronicles. Most features will highlight the production value, guest stars, and storyline behind the 11-part video accompaniment to last year’s Save Rock And Roll – all well done, mind you – but the real genius came via the myriad of ways to consume the band’s record.

Generally there are two means of consuming a song: as an individual track or within the context of a full album’s tracklist. Music videos provide a third convention, though generally only for radio singles. With The Young Blood Chronicles, Fall Out Boy hit the big three, then provided additional methods to accentuate Save Rock And Roll through their single release schedule, video narrative, and alternate tracklists.

Fans familiarized themselves with the standard tracklist long before the videos emerged, learning the primary sequence of all 11 songs. The casual fan, however, likely entered through the singles, playing “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” (Track 4 on SRNR), followed by “The Phoenix” (Track 1), “Alone Together” (Track 3) and “Young Volcanoes” (Track 9). Fairly typical so far – until you realize neither the SRNR tracklist nor the singles schedule represent The Young Blood Chronicles’ true order. Though released first, “My Songs Know…” fills the fourth slot in the series. Add the flipped video/single releases for “Young Volcanoes” and “Alone Together” with each video’s stand-alone capability to find six different arrangements for Save Rock And Roll:

  • Any song listen at random.
  • Any video watch at random.
  • The album tracklist in order.
  • The Save Rock And Roll single release schedule
  • The Young Blood Chronicles video release schedule
  • The Young Blood Chronicles chronological sequence

I was privy to the full film’s premiere at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinemas, adding a seventh viewing method via the big screen. It was in that screening I realized the songs successfully existed in standard, alternate and individual plays, offering potential fans all sorts of options to enjoy an album’s worth of tracks. Few other records could be rearranged without sacrificing flow and quality, yet you’d never notice anything out of place in Fall Out Boy’s variations. And though The Young Blood Chronicles is a bit front-loaded from the singles, I’d argue the finale’s the best part – Elton John’s role is deservedly divine and the boys finally play their instruments, finishing the 45-minute-music-video on a high note.

Watch The Young Blood Chronicles in full at 9pm EST on May 21 via Palladia, including the yet-to-be-seen videos for “Miss Missing You” and “Save Rock And Roll.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPa0TZwXH4pLZp4XPvqQENrE3aJC48x9S]

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