Dear Danny: Daniel Rinaldi Answers Your Questions

Daniel Rinaldi Promo Photo

After an overwhelming response to the Dear Danny post (almost 0ver 100 in one week) I am excited to start answering all of your questions. I am starting with four, in no particular order, and will make my way through each and every one. Please keep asking great questions and continuing to support this column and Substream.


Q: What is your favorite thing about playing music, What kind of things run through your mind when on stage performing to some Alumni Fans as well as newer ones ?

A: My favorite part about performing will always and forever be the connection you make with a fan while you are on stage. It just never gets old to look out and see someone so moved by what you are singing or how you are delivering the song. When performing for old fans, I tend to try and not change the song from its original form too much. A lot of times when I perform I take a little liberty and change the melody or a word or two, but for the day-one fans I try to keep it pretty close to the original. For new fans all I try and do is win them over so by the end they are saying “When is the next show?” I want them to take what they heard before coming into the concert and feel that they did not get cheated and I sound exactly like the song they heard on a CD or online.


Q: How do you begin the song writing process, do you just write things down as they enter your mind or what are some of your clever writing techniques since many artists have different ways of going about that ?

A: The way I begin my song writing process is one I am not sure many other people do. I usually start out with a full track or a chord progression already there. I will sit and just play them over and over until vocal melodies start to naturally come out. I do not ever like to force the melodies because I feel like the listener can sense that. Now my lyrics are the tricky part, and I think I may do it differently than some. I never write in a verse, and chorus pattern. What I do is I write as if I am writing a short story, always. So what I am left with is pages of writing to sift through, but it helps me to not break up the story to not force anything out that shouldn’t naturally be in the song. I am not sure if you would call any of this a clever technique, but it is a way that makes me feel most comfortable.


Q: If you could put together the best reunion show for Bedlight, what opening acts would you consider to be part of it ? – frankiehero

A: If I could put together a Bedlight For Blue Eyes show and get to choose some realistic openers, those openers would be… Wild Imaginaries, Emarosa (in their newest line-up), Closure In Moscow, and Air Dubai. I am not saying that any of these bands should be opening and that they couldn’t just headline their own show. However this would be my favorite mish-mosh of bands and an all-around cool show!


Q: What are some vocalists you look up to and idolize?  

A: Some singers that I idolize are Daryl Hall, Donald Fagen, David Ruffin, Sam Cooke, Myles Kennedy, Steven Tyler, Steve Perry, and Bruno Mars. There are probably many more, but that is my top for right now.


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