Dear Danny: Daniel Rinaldi Answers Your Questions (Part 2)

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I had a lot of fun with this batch of questions, and hope the information I provided on them really get some young performers going. Keep asking great questions, and keep doing what you love.


Q: What kind of training do you have vocally? Your range and technique is incredible. Any advice for aspiring vocalists? 

A: I come from a classical and theater background and from what I have been told since day one in my former band it always showed. I started singing when I was seven years old in my church’s choir and also began private lessons at that time. It wasn’t till I got to my performing arts high school that I really started to develop my voice and give this singing thing a serious shot. When I joined Bedlight I took all my training and what I saw in the rock world and balled it all up into one to try and create my own sound, and my own style for the band. I think it worked out pretty well and I was able to set myself apart. The biggest advice I could give to aspiring vocalists is to work at it. Singing is not something you ever want to put down and save for a rainy day. Like a sport, it takes practice and training to really make it feel like second nature. So practice, practice, and more practice.


Q: My band’s been doing mini tours through our region for the past year or so and we’re looking to step it up. What’s the best way to go about getting the attention of different promoters from out of our area?

A: Mini tours in your own region are great, and really help to build you up in your area. What I think and this might be me thinking this here, but don’t rush into different areas outside your region so quickly. I feel bands today, especially local ones just starting out, rush to tour, and burn out so quickly. If I was a promoter the biggest attention-getter for me would be a band that completely controls their region. What I mean by that is when you play your town, the surrounding towns, and more every show is a solid show. That you draw in those markets and that you have built a following. The last thing you want to do is rush into going into another area and book a show where two people show up and leave a bad taste in that promoter’s mouth.


Q: What do you do before a show to get pumped to get on stage? Any advice on how to prepare?

A: What I do before a show might be a little different, and there is more of a lack of pumping up. I usually pace a bit outside the venue while the performer before me is on. I try and get all the nerves out, and yes after 8 or so years the nerves never leave. After the pacing is done I find a secluded spot in the venue to just be by myself and focus in on what I am about to do, what I need to do, and what this all means to me. I like to be by myself right before I go on, but just before I step out on stage I will usually either in the band room, or bathroom sing up to my highest note, make sure that it’s there. Then I feel like I am completely ready to jump on stage and give a great performance. My advice on how to prepare is warm up your voice, but also warm up your body. Get your blood flowing, and biggest thing is keep yourself hydrated.


Q: How’d you get into writing songs for other artists? I think I’ve got some good writing abilities but my live performances are lacking and I think that’d be a good way to go for me. 

A: I got into writing songs for other artists really just based on right place and right time. There was no science to it for me, and it just felt like a really awesome thing to start doing. A lot of times as a writer you keep writing and writing and not everything fits for your particular project. However that song you just wrote could be perfect for another band, or another artist. Networking and making the right connections in the songwriter and producer world is very helpful in gaining these sessions for other artists. So in closing I would say find yourself a way to demo these songs you are writing, and if your vocals aren’t where you want them to be find a great demo singer that portrays the artist you’d want singing that song.  Make yourself a little demo reel, and try and get yourself in on some writing sessions with other writers and make deep connections. It is all about who you know sometimes and the connections you make with people that make them want you in that room.

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Daniel Rinaldi is the former singer of Bedlight For Blue Eyes. He has been in the music business for over ten years after joining Bedlight at 18. He has toured the world with bands such as New Found Glory, Senses Fail, and Paramore. After the band broke up, he began his solo career. As a solo artist he has released 2 EPs and gained worldwide exposure with songs playing in retail chains Hollister and Gap. He is still actively making music and writing for other artists and bands.